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At Exec Financials, we handle your entire financial day to day work.
We even analyze it to better help you understand it and make better business decisions.

We start processes to streamline your AP, payroll and monthly financials.
The art is in the details. You need to make sure all your costs are in your financial
system, and they are in the correct place.

We enter AP, watch cashflow, pay outstanding AP, collect AR, pay employees, reconcile the bank and balance sheet and review your financials.

Full-Service Accounting task list 

1. Post daily sales.
2. Post weekly AP/AR transactions
3. Adjusting entries. (Clean up the weekly transactions and post any accruals/prepaids)
4. Create weekly cashflow report
5. Review Weekly financials.
6. Post additional adjusting entries if needed per the review
7. Repeat weekly
8. Post Payroll every other week 
9. Prepare Monthly statements
10. Review monthly statements
11. Adjusting entries
12. Re-review monthly statements
13. Deliver Financials to client for approval.
14. Close Books
15. File Monthly Taxes.
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